Can Pot-Bellied Pigs Develop and Suffer From Indigestion?

The simple answer to this question is…YES!! Just as people develop indigestion (from eating too much or eating too much of the wrong foods) pot-bellied pigs can too! It’s a fact, pot-bellied pigs LOVE to indulge (after all, they aren’t called pigs for nothing!). In all seriousness, no pig will pass up an opportunity to chow down. Some pigs even learn how to open a cupboard door or kitchen drawer just to get to that delicious bag of pig food (and if it just so happens the dog food is stored in the same location…BONUS…they will eat that too!).

Pigs will eat just about anything…which is why their feeding schedules and diet should be closely monitored. With that being said, if your pig happens to get into the kitchen pantry and goes on an eating frenzy, it is very possible that he or she will develop indigestion.


Can Pot-Bellied Pigs Develop and Suffer From Indigestion?

Indigestion occurs when a pig’s stomach is over-full. Just as a child develops a stomach ache after eating too much candy or junk food…a pig can develop the same type of symptoms. A pig with indigestion may walk with an arched back. They may also have trouble sleeping and getting comfortable. A piggy with a really bad case of indigestion may moan and refuse to walk until they feel more information about teacup pigs at

Treatment for piggy indigestion is fairly simple. Withhold food for twelve to twenty-four hours and if you wish, give your pot-belly a dose of Mylanta or Mylicon. PLEASE read the label so that you give your pig the proper dose. Dosing is determined by weight. If after a couple of days your pig doesn’t seem to be improving, a trip to the veterinarian may be in order.

Though a case of indigestion may cause your pig to be uncomfortable for a day or so…the good news is he should get better rather quickly and will once again be begging and rooting for food and goodies. As previously mentioned, it is a good idea to monitor your pig’s diet and feeding schedule…and if necessary, put a lock on the pantry door!